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Proguard Lyo

Proguard Lyo

Proguard Lyo is a membrane derived from equine pericardium for guided bone regeneration.

Proguard Lyo is freeze-dried.

Proguard Lyo is used in combination with a bone substitute.

  • Prevents the growth of soft tissues in the implant site
  • Leads the correct sequence of bone regeneration, soft tissue and bloodstream
  • Keeps the barrier for at least 60 days, it totally reabsorbs in about 90 days

Proguard Lyo naturally reabsorb and doesn't need to be removed.



  • Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) with Proguard Lyo provides an improvement in the level of clinical attachment and a reduction of pocket deepness
  • Slower humidity absorbption extends the period suitable for a good membrane placement
  • The gaft is stable and easier to cut once dried

Available sizes

Device Ref. code Dimensions Packaging
Proguard Lyo, freeze-dried LYO-15HM 15 x 20 mm 1 piece
Proguard Lyo, freeze-dried LYO-25HM 25 x 25 mm 1 piece