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Healingmesh / Healingmesh Lyo

A platform for multiple Clinical Applications

Healingmesh - Healingmesh Lyo are two membranes derived from equine pericardium. Healingmesh is conserved in liquid, while Healingmesh Lyo is freeze-dried.

The conservation in liquid makes the graft easy to handle, thanks to its pre-hydration. The conservation liquid needs to be rinse before use, as described in the instruction for use (IFU). The freeze-dried membrane is instead ready for use since it doesn't need to be rinse and can be hydrated directly in place.


Healingmesh - Healingmesh Lyo is indicated for the treatment of several types of skin ulcers, such as diabetic, vascular, traumatic and post-burn.

Healingmesh - Healingmesh Lyo is suitable as well for soft tissue reinforcement, in details for:

  • Peroneal/ Tibial & Flexor/ Extensor Tendons
  • Tendon Sheath & Joint Capsule Reinforcement
  • Rotator Cuff

Source & Material information

Healingmesh - Healingmesh Lyo is processed equine pericardium: a proprietary chemical enzymatic and stabilization process removes all the cells, bacteria and viruses maintaining intact the tridimensional native collagen scaffold.

The final sterilization is made using β rays.

The equine pericardium is certified in compliance with Audio Technologies Quality System.

  • Thin and transparent membrane with high resistance to suturing points
  • Biocompatible, reabsorbable in about 3 months
  • Equine source BSE-free
Device Ref. Code Dimensions (millimeters)
Healingmesh HM 040X050 H 40x50 mm
Healingmesh HM 060X080 H 60x80 mm
Healingmesh HM 070X080 H 70x80 mm
Healingmesh HM 060X120 H 60x120 mm
Healingmesh Lyo LYO-HM040X050H 40x50 mm
Healingmesh Lyo LYO-HM060X080H 60x80 mm
Healingmesh Lyo LYO-HM070X080H 70x80 mm
Healingmesh Lyo LYO-HM060X120H 60x120 mm