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Duramesh Lyo

Duramesh Lyo, previously called "Lyomesh Neuro" is a biological, re-absorbable dura substitute consisting of a pericardium membrane, designed to provide high ease of use.


The product stands out due to the fast application, the easy handling, the versatile usage in terms of fulfilling the surgeon's needs and preferences, and the reliable treatment for the patient.


Freeze-dried membrane - Duramesh Lyo

Duramesh Lyo is ready for use since it doesn't need to be rinse. It can be rehydrated directly in operating field.


In foto si nota la trasparenza della membrana

More info

Duramesh Lyo is biological a dural patch totally reabsorbable. The membrane is made of an equine acellularized pericardium and it's processed to grant resistance, biocompatibility and easy handling.

The membrane gets reabsorbed in about 3 months.


  • Allows for the simple, time-saving Onlay application with the possibility to be sutured as well, if necessary
  • BSE free
  • Transparent to keep visual control
  • Absorbable
  • High tensile strength
  • Liquid-tight to prevent CSF leakages
  • Excellent biocompatibility


Duramesh Lyo is indicated for dural replacement or reinforcement in neuro and spinal procedures.

Thanks to the manufacturing process developed and improved through years of experience, the membrane is easy to handle and fits defects even irregular anatomical structures.

Despite the reduced thickness and the high transparency – important characteristics in several surgeries – Duramesh Lyo keeps a highly resistant structure and can be sutured without breaking.

For this reason, these membranes are suitable even in the operations with high CSF pressure, such as in cranial fossa.

Duramesh Lyo has been successfully used in the surgery treatment of Arnold Chiari malformations and it's part of a specific protocol developed by Neurologic Institute "Carlo Besta" (Milan, Italy)* 

* "Our diagnostic therapeutic protocol, developed after more than 1000 revised cases"

Laura Valentini, Veronica Saletti, Luisa Chiapparini, Elena Beretta, Marika Furlanetto, Marcella Curone & Niccolò Castelli - Fondazione Istituto Neurologico «Carlo Besta» Milano

Available sizes

Duramesh Lyo

Device Ref. code Dimension (millimeters)
Duramesh Lyo LYO-20.09H Disc, ø mm. 9
Duramesh Lyo LYO-20.10H Disc, ø mm. 14
Duramesh Lyo LYO-20.11H Disc, ø mm. 50
Duramesh Lyo LYO-20.12H Disc, ø mm. 75
Duramesh Lyo LYO-20.13H Disc, ø mm. 125
Duramesh Lyo LYO-003X120H 3 x 120 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-006X140H 6 x 140 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-010X010H 10 x 10 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-010X030H 10 x 30 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-010X100H 10 x 100 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-010X140H 10 x 140 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-015X200H 15 x 200 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-015X030H 15 x 30 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-020X030H 20 x 30 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-020X070H 20 x 70 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-020X100H 20 x 100 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-020X140H 20 x 140 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-020X200H 20 x 200 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-020X250H 20 x 250 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-025X030H 25 x 30 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-030X040H 30 x 40 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-030X060H 30 x 60 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-040X050H 40 x 50 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-040X070H 40 x 70 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-040X100H 40 x 100 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-050X050H 50 x 50 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-050X110H 50 x 110 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-060X080H 60 x 80 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-060X120H 60 x 120 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-060X140H 60 x 140 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-070X080H 70 x 80 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-075X075H 75 x 75 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-120X160H 120 x 160 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-100X125H 125 x 100 mm
Duramesh Lyo LYO-130X130H 130 x 130 mm