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A novel biomaterial for bone augmentation and facial reconstruction

Info and description

Chondroblank is a biological graft derived from equine nasal septum. The graft is made of cartilage without perichondrium, which is then chemically processed and sterilized. The main difference with the synthetic materials available on market is that Chondroblank is smooth, resistant, elastic and at the same time extremely malleable and tailorable. These unique features allow to get any shape and even different thicknesses in a single piece.

The main uses of the quine cartilage in the maxillofacial surgery are:

  • Orbital floor and orbital walls reconstruction
  • Reinforcement of the nasal cartilage structures
  • Increase of the projection of the facial bones in various areas (cheekbones, forehead, chin).

The product shows a list of features which are useful for different uses:

Simply tailoring with minimum bending, which however happens has an easily identifiable plan;

  • No calcification areas
  • Chance to get – through the proper tailoring – very thin sheets which keep elasticity and also the needed rigidity
  • The material is available in various sizes, ready at the need, so that it avoids the use of autologous tissue;
  • Very long reabsorption time, which maintains the mechanical strut and -at the same time- the guided regeneration for both soft and hard tissues
  • During the healing process Chondroblank doesn’t create scars and tissue adhesions with the surroundings soft tissues. Chondroblank ends in the formations of an anatomically clean plan (it becomes therefore possible, in case of a second surgery, to locate the area for a possible second graft of autologous tissue);
  • High resistance in contaminated areas with a good reaction in case of exposure of the maxillary sinus or nasal cavities;
  • In case of infection in the surrounding tissues, Audioblank tends to reabsorb minimizing the foreign body reaction;
  • Smooth and slippery surface which doesn’t create scars/adhesions with the soft tissues during the healing (this feature is extremely useful in the orbital floor trauma, where the muscles needs to move on a smooth slippery floor).

Reference codes for maxillofacial surgery

Device Ref. code Dimensions (millimeters)
Chondroblank R 23.01 H 35 X 25 X 4
Chondroblank R 23.02 H 50 X 10 X 4
Chondroblank R 23.03 H 50 X 50 X 2
Chondroblank R 23.04 H ø 25; spessore 2
Chondroblank R 23.05 H 20 X 15 X 4
Chondroblank R 23.06 H 30 X 15 X 4

Reference codes for tympanoplasty

Device Ref. code Dimensions (millimeters)
Chondroblank R 23.10 H 7 X 7 X3
Chondroblank R 23.11 H ø 4,5; spessore 0,5
Chondroblank R 23.12 H ø 10; spessore 0,5