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Biosynth LifeSciences offers a wide catalogue of collagen-based products derived from animal source. Biosynth LifeSciences is a brand of Audio Technologies Srl which, since decades, markets a variety of reconstructive biomaterials for different surgical destinations of use.


Today, Biosynth LifeSciences manufactures products for:

Destination of use List of specific approved uses Medical Device class according to CE regulation
Orthopedics Tendon reconstruction and reinforcement, tendon sheath and joint capsule reinforcement Class III
Woundcare Diabetic and vascular ulcers and post-burn cover  Class III
Neurosurgery Replacement/reinforcement of dura mater in spinal and neuro surgery   Class III
Maxillo-facial Sheets in cartilage for post-trauma and aesthetic facial reconstruction, collagen membrane for dental surgery Class III

Since many years Biosynth Lifesciences products are leader in neurosurgery, offering a wide range of products for the Dura Mater reconstruction.

Biosynth Lifesciences resells in the whole Europe to hospitals, private clinics and to dentists.

All of our devices are CE registered and can be sold across Europe as well as in the countries that accep CE certification.

For more info regarding Biosynth Lifesciences products availability contact us.

Quality control

Following company strict quality management system (QMS) we perform periodical audits for:

  • Fulfillment of product properties and services
  • Fulfillment of delivery quantities and dates
  • Traceability

End-to-end quality

Our aim is to continuously improve the entire supply chain with regard to product and service quality, from a highly qualified farms where we source our animals, to audited & approved suppliers, made through validated and CE approved processes for biomedical industry.

Advisory notice:

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