Safety and unique features thanks to one of the companies with the longest experience on market

Biosynth manufactures reconstructive biomaterials since the year 1976.

In its long experience, began with a membrane for the substitution of the tympanum in ENT surgery, many materials have been tested: Calf vein, bovine peritoneum, bovine pericardium and cartilages.

Nowadays, the source of the raw material is the horse, thanks to its great characteristics:


  • Immunity from Creutzfeld-Jacobs morb (BSE)

  • Safety - More than 100.000 successfully implanted devices

  • Transparency - To keep visual control of the operating field underneath the graft

  • Handling - Thanks to elastic memory and no calcification

  • Resistance - Can be glued or sutured thanks to its high tensile strength 



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Duramesh / Duramesh Lyo; Dural substitutes in deantigenated equine pericardium