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Dural patch Duramesh in a spinal case

Spinal Dura reinforcement in a rare case: Dura is broken while Arachnoid is intact (However, the same procedure should be performed even if Arachnoid is broken as well).

Surgery steps:
1) Laminectomy
2) Flavectomy
3) During dissection it's possible to see that the Dura Mater adhered to the periosteum is "jagged" and damaged. Arachnoid is intact and there isn't any liquor leakage. It's needed to reinforce the Dura 
4) Closure


Suture of Duramesh Lyo in an Arnold-Chiari malformation

In the video it's shown the high transparency of the membrane. It's remarkable the resistance of the graft to suturing points.

Courtesy of Istituto Neurologico "Carlo Besta" - Milan, Italy